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Welcome to Choir!
Dragonfly Max
All choir students must have a dragonfly max account per MSHAA.  This is so students can have the option of participating in State Honor Choir Auditions in the Fall, and State Honor Choir and State Evaluation in the Spring. 
This is also the same platform used for band, cheerleading and all sports.  It makes if very easy for families because you only have to fill out forms once and select all the activities your student is interested in or is involved in.
Parents: When you make an account, make it in your name, with your information.  After you have an account you will be able to add all of your students who need to be on Dragonfly.
Use this link to get started:
Junior High School All-State Honor Choir
As of right now (July 2022), the auditions will use the online platform again this year.  Students will be able to bring home an information sheet and permission slip to participate in after school practices is they are interested in learning and dedicating home practice to learning the music for the audition.  This information will go home as soon as the state honor choir committee releases this years' audition material.